Sunday, March 20, 2016

Down South

We didn't know what to expect from the South Island. When talking to people about doing to New Zealand, we learned that it's pretty common for people to visit only one island or the other, or both at separate times, and when asked, others always say "both islands are lovely in their own ways". Our plan for the next few weeks is to travel almost right round the South Island.

The difference in landscape from North to South is obvious, although winding roads and steep hills still feature. Grasses seem more common here, giving the place a drier feel. We head from Picton towards Kiakoura, tourist hotspot and whalewatching central.

The trip along the coast was just beautiful, and we enjoyed stopping at the fur seal colony on the way. The weather is stunning once again.

Kiakoura is a lovely little town, and the beach is all dark black volcanic rock. Made for some great photos! 

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