Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Never a Thread Lost or Wasted

Thread, string, cotton, twine, yarn, ribbon, cord...

I am a bowerbird in many ways, especially when it comes to string. A piece of twine from a label, a length of string from a gift, even the funny little bits of ribbon they insist on sewing into the shoulders of clothing... in my home it has no chance of ending up in the rubbish, I horde it all in jars, remnants from Christmas and birthdays, bows tied with love, beautifully presented purchases, some wrapped around wooden pegs and pinned neatly, ready for the next adventure!

Sorry I've been absent lately. Things became super busy out of nowhere and the posts I left half done quickly became irrelevant as time slipped by. But I have plenty of things to share and talk about, stashed away like ribbons in a jar waiting patiently to be used!

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